Lite Bilstein info från scoobynet:

    You’ll need Mike to answer the rest of those questions. But yes, there is a new kit from Bilstein that will be available soon.

    My understanding is that it will be a coilover kit with seperate bump and rebound settings, will be height adjustable etc.

    When they get around to releasing it ? No idea, last I heard it was awaiting TuV approval.



    Jim, there are two Prodrive suspension kits for your car.
    The ‘Performance’ kit is Subaru part No SACC2122F-4DR (if you have a 5-door car, then 5DR suffix – springs are slightly longer for the rear). Springs are blue.

    The newer ‘Professional’ kit gives a slightly harder ride but Prodrive claim superior performance. Springs are grey. Subaru part No SACC2139, Prodrive part No PD-SK-IMP99A/B/C.

    Ther is also an adjustable suspension kit from Prodrive, but this is for the new shape MY01 car.



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