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      There will be a cool driving event coming up in February. Could be quite interesting for you guys: It’s called the Players Run.

      This Cannonballrun-style charity event is held between 15th February 2003 – 22nd February 2003. You find our website on

      Players Run will start at a secret location at 10 am on the 15th of February 2003. There you will receive your first clues which will lead you to the first driving event. From there you will continue to your first overnight stop. More than 2500 miles on the road, racetracks and other driving events and many more clues to solve are now awaiting you. You will almost touch the Mexican border, then make your way through Texas to New Orleans and from there down to Florida. The world will watch you and your competitors on TV and the Internet on your way to your final destination. You have to arrive in Miami in time to make it to the secret spot for the grand finale.

      The event is only as competitive as you want it to be. We use a point system for every driving event. At the end we add up the points to declare the winner. On public highways only the time difference between the set time and the time given in the logbook will be taken into account. On ‘closed roads events’ the closest average time to your tech time gets you maximum points. On track events the fastest time brings in the most points. On drag strips and other tracks the winning time is calculated in again. This ensures an equal chance for every competitor to win.

      We will also give you other interesting challenges to solve which again will count for overall. On the other hand you may just want to enjoy the route and some of the most beautiful scenery the southern US has to offer. Conscious of the peculiarities of supercars, their occasionally limited comfort and their low ground clearance, the Players Run organization has chosen a route that avoids too winding roads or poor surfaces. Either way in the case you get stuck you will have access to immediate assistance. Every day you will leave around 9.00 am (with you the destination address in a sealed envelope).No matter how competitive you want to be in this run, you will arrive with enough time to relax and reflect the amazing day at the pool before dinner. At the grand finale you will then hopefully be rewarded with an award. Despite being exhausted from this week you party into the night with your new friends.

      The edge of this run is the mystery effect of the events for the drivers, that’s why we cannot give out too many details about it in public.

      Entry fee for one car / 2 persons is US $ 7500.- and includes charity, hotels, meals, all events, all tracks, transportation, photo production, gear, service and more. Players Run is an ‘by invitation only’ event.

      For the Europeans: Shipping the cars from Europe to Los Angeles and back from Miami to Europe is going to be organized.

      If you have any questions about the event, grid list, celebrity and media involvement or other, please, do not hesitate to contact us. You find our email addresses, phone numbers and a forum on

      Welcome to another insane week in paradise:

      Christian a.k.a. Airman

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