SSC Modellspecifikt Impreza / STI Racing / BRZ Allmänt SBF säkring No. 4 strular

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    Sent på kvällen, så jag har dålig ork med att skriva nytt på svenska – men jag hoppas på hjälp ändå!

    I’ve recently switched exhaust system and throw-out bearing, meaning I’ve disconnected the stock 02 sensor, the DCCD harness, the speedo sensor, starter and battery.
    I’m 110% I’ve put them back together in the right places, which I also have checked.

    Though, while putting it all back together I found two connectors unconnected by the air silencer.
    The colors of the wires didn’t match (neither did the other one that I think is the pump for the IC spray, but this is/was fully connected to eachother – with an older type of transparent connectors) so I gave it some thought but finally decided to hook them up, as the spray pump was hooked up with mismatched colors.
    The loose connector goes along with the wires for the spray pump and the MAF sensor, but I don’t know what it goes two.
    I’ve run her with these connectors un-hooked for at least a tank of fuel.

    Anyway, with everything in place I ran her fine in the garage (even with 1st gear engaged for a minute or so). Drove her over the other garage, left it idleing for a couple of minutes.

    Drove down town some 800 metres or so, with no hilarious accelerating (as I’ve yet to have her remapped on Friday and wouldn’t want any probably more flowing exhaust system to cause any boost spikes) and all of a sudden the car goes totally dead, except from the hazard lights and the door beep while leaving the key in.

    Although, with the two front windows down the light for open doors would illuminate just slightly when I had the key in (maybe that’s normal?).

    Popped the bonnet/hood and found SBF No. 4 50A blown.
    As this is some kind of sheit of a fuse I soldered it back together and switched for one of the two other, similar fuses (No. 2 and 3). (as I wouldn’t want to risk any vital devices parts of the car, when I know there’s something fishy with the circuit connected to the SBF No. 4)
    Also un-hooked the two connectors I had found loose, as I assumed that the problem could be connected to that.

    And, while I remember, when the car dies, all the electonics die first and the engine keeps on running for a couple of seconds.

    Started her up once again and drove another 500 metres when the same thing occured. Switched fuse with No. 3 and got ready to bring her in to the pits, this time with no accelerations or whatsoever in mind – leaving me a dead POS Impreza only 15 metres from where I just had switched this THIRD fuse!

    So, back to the garage tomorrow evening.
    What do I have to expect and what to check?
    I’ve searched this forum, SN and Type RA forums (is NASIOC even searchable with that Google search crap) but SN were the only one to give me some advice on checking the earthing/grounding and perhaps a connector beneath the passenger seat.
    Any help greatly appreciated!

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