SSC Modellspecifikt Impreza / STI Racing / BRZ Allmänt Turboaggregat och dess likheter/olikheter med varandra!?

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    Ni som har koll på olika turboaggregat och dess fakta om dem
    spol,lagring,twinscroll och vad dom ger Kw/hk/nm och likheter/olikheter mot andra aggregat märken ni kan väl skriva det ni vet så får vi en bild på skillnaderna/karaktärerna.
    Helst bolt on turbos men andra turbos kan oxå snackas här men skriv då om den är eller inte Bolt on!

    Jag börjar med min stressfläkt då.

    IHI VF/34 vs andra alt (likhet)


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    Adam K

    Jag har samlat lite info om IHI snurrorna:

    IHI VF Series Turbos

    After the “basics” of better airflow (exhaust, intake, etc.) and baseline engine management, the next step is to take the plunge with a larger turbo. The base turbo is a Mitsubishi TD04. Originally, when the WRX first debut in 94, the WRX came with a larger Mitsubishi TD05 turbo. The larger turbo allowed for greater top end horsepower at the expense of turbo lag and initial spool up. Thus, starting in 97 Subaru replaced the TD05 in favor of the smaller and quicker spooling TD04.
    So…where to begin and what type of turbo to install? Well, for starters, look to Subaru’s own in house performance tuning division – STi. The 280 hp WRX STi V7 sports an IHI VF24 roller ball bearing turbo.
    Roller bearing turbos give you fast transient spool up – full boost comes on quickly.
    Remember, to take full advantage of a new turbo, you must run some sort of enginemanagement. Also remember that when you surpass the 325-330 hp mark, the stock fuel system becomes inadequate. (read: the fuel injectors and fuel pump can’t supply enough fuel to run safely)
    IHI turbo – (See table for Turbo Specs)
    The VF series (VF22, VF23, VF24, VF29, VF30, VF34, VF39) are the most common direct replacement turbos. All VF-series turbochargers use the same roller bearing, water-cooled core assembly. The differences are in their wheels and housings to achieve different flows.

    IHI VF22 has the largest potential for peak horsepower. In other words, in the IHI model range, the VF 22 supports the highest boost levels. It is capable of running up to 25 psi. Because it is a roller bearing turbo, turbo lag is minimal…the boost comes on around 3300 rpm. Expect to max out the VF22 somewhere in the 400-450 hp range.
    VF22: This Turbo is a factory item on most limited edition WRX Type RA versions. Among all IHI units, this piece does utilize the largest P20 exhaust housing but still manages to spool rather quickly. Not only is this unit made from durable Niresist (turbine housing) and Inconel (turbine wheel), but also features the largest compressor inlet diamter of all the bolt on IHI units. With the right supporting equipment, 17 psi can be achieved by 3,000 RPM and a full 21-22 psi is reached with merely 250 more rpm. This turbo makes for an adequate streetable upgrade that combines quick responsiveness with a powerful midrange and topend curve. Adam used this turbo on his car afte completing the engine swap. After some careful tuning, it was enough turbo to propel his car to a 118 mph trap speed.
    VF22 This turbo has the highest output potential of all of the IHI VF series turbos and is the best choice for those who are looking for loads of top end power. The top end power however, does not come without a cost. The VF22 spools significantly slower than the rest of the IHI models due to the larger P20 exhaust housing and is much less suited for daily driving than some of the other models. Although the largest VF series turbo, the VF22 is not quite optimal for stroked engines or those who wish to run more than 20PSI of boost.


    Tack för en intressant översikt. Man undrar hur exempelvis TD05-18, TD05-20, TD06-20 förhåller sig i relation till dessa IHI.
    Och vilken betydelse några hundra varv i spool har för upplevelsen.
    En annan fråga är om man ska välja en turbo som inte är större än man absolut behöver för att minska lag eller om man ska ha en turbo med marginaler så att den inte behöver arbeta lika hårt?
    Slutligen kan man undra hur valet påverkas av vilken cyl volym man bygger på, väljer man en annan turbo till en 2,5?

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