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    My USDM 02 wrx Story and progress.
    Future goal? Track the bitch.

    My Story is a long one with this car, so il do a quick cliffnotes to current history.

    Bought car from a junkie dude, no engine, beaten car around 2008-ish.

    I know massive as trailer.. abit overkill but screw it! Could fit 3 cars on it hahaha

    Fully built a long block
    BC cams, Je Pistons, Eagle Rods, etc etc

    Spun a bearing. Car sat for 2 years.

    Found a JDM Ej205 AVCS for 1500$ and sold the trans for 600$

    Put it in before I moved to Sweden, swapped in new doors, fenders, hood, trunk.

    2013-14 I shipped my car over here.

    Put a Thule Aero roofrack

    Clutch went bad, swapped it and block develope a crack immediately, so leaked coolant.

    Now here is current information

    I bought a JDM EJ207 V7 with ECU with Timing belt kit and new moly steel Flywheel 13LB and Southbend Feramic Clutch (BEST CLUTCH EVER, if you dont believe me meet me and il show you)


    I swapped over all my performance parts

    Engine/Power Modifications: 3in downpipe, K&N drop in filter, 3inch Downpipe,3inch midpipe, sti muffler, JDM V7 Intercooler, 1000cc ID Injectors, Gimmick Turbo inlet V2, *snip -old part-*
    Fuel: Single Walbro 255, AEM Wideband
    Driveline Modifications: South Bend Feramic Clutch, Moly Steel Flywheel 12-13LB
    Engine oil: Motul Racing 5-30w

    Update, Kinugawa El Headers installed and Titanuim wrapped, So the Red Turbo blanket and uppipe blanket is OFF along with OEM headers.

    I wired in the AVCS with IAP AVCS kit, was so much fun to do

    I bought full STI interior from Frankz (AWESOME DUDE)

    I then installed the Engine and new Stereo as well as speakers

    Almost forgot I bought and setup a Hybrid boost Setup
    Grimmspeed EBC 3 port and Hallman Pro MBC


    Contacted my tuner from USA Phatron
    Shout out to Ron what a awesome dude and tuner, I highly recommend him to EVERYONE.

    Started tuning on 98, made roughly 300whp 240tq but we didnt push it past that.
    Why you ask?
    Because of E85! On the Second File i received from him for E85 we already made the same amount of Horsepower and more torq!

    Then I developed a uppipe leak 🙁
    As well as one of my front wheel bearings messed up..

    I will continue working on my car once i replace the front wheel bearings.


    Exterior Body Section.

    After Im all done tuning I will be working on the body of the car,
    there is 3 major spots id like to fix.
    Disregard the white door handle, I was going to Vinyl the car white, but instead il be painting it in the future.

    Installed is a rear SPT Diffuser, CarbonFiber Wing Riser, Hella horns
    Had to install the rear sidemarkers on the car(Registration thing), found a templet and took it to a shop to cut it cut out.

    I also plan on making a Custom Front Splitter, a complete under body tray, and adding a STI wing.

    The 3 spots


    For Suspension

    I am riding on Stock wrx suspension
    I plan on keeping this suspension setup because it already handles amazingly and bumps and such are so smooth on it.

    I fitted in Whiteline front Tie rods, and ball joints.
    Will be putting camber bolts in the rear.
    Have also purchased Whiteline Steering Bushing!

    Has a thicker Rear Sway bar and I believe a WRX front Swaybar.


    NICE! d—0.o—b

    fun to see the history in pictures, but I must say.. It’s way to quiet 😀
    Stock STI rear muffler does not cut it :p



    NICE! d—0.o—b

    fun to see the history in pictures, but I must say.. It’s way to quiet 😀
    Stock STI rear muffler does not cut it :p


    When Im back from the states and once we fix the front wheel bearings we shall see how you like the sound from inside the car 😉


    Bought more goodies! Kinugawa El headers, new 06+ sti oil pan kit, DEI Titanuim wrap for headers, all around new brakes/disc/wheel hub/Wheel bearings, 05-07 front Driver and Passenger door switches(Full STI interior swap finally DONE)

    maybe a few other things but thats all I can think of.

    Cant find the pic of my Oil pan.


    Buying more goodies this friday! A new front bumper to replace my chopped up junk one, along with a STI JDM 1 Piece grill.

    My Aerodynamic on my car SUCKS Huge! Once i get to 100kph you really notice it. This is due to the huge amount of air that hits the front from the bumper being chopped up from the previous owner mounting a intercooler and chopping into the Foglight shroud.

    As well as the front grill I have i hate it, so I dont run with it so lots of air is hitting the front, with the one piece grill it will remove alot holes in the front and make it sleeker

    Pics Below!


    I replaced the front bumper as the one I had was chopped up pretty bad, I also bought a 1 piece grill and purchased the STI emblem to put on it.

    Also bought the trunk intercooler tank, with button for the intercooler sprayer.

    I also painted my headlights black, put in OSRAM Nightbreakers bulbs in it.
    Thanks to InzoLino for helping me take apart my headlights and letting me use his Oven for this!


    Here is a Older Plot before my tune was finished.

    close to 350whp, and about 400nm torque.
    I still need to get a new plot since my tune is done.

    Intercooler Spray is now hooked up and working with OEM switch and tank thanks to InzoLino!

    I am also replacing my brake setup, USDM Wrx Brake setup is THEE worst combo Subaru has ever done. They are 2 pots in front and 1 pot in rear.

    I have purchased FHI Subaru 2 pots for the rear and I purchased front 4 pot brembo’s!


    Thanks man! Im loving your thread as well!
    I cant let some minor/major setbacks stop me 🙂

    Here are my new caliper combo’s!

    Im thinking I willl powdercoat them white with black or red logo’s
    The front Brembo’s do and dont clear my wheel’s. They hit the spokes, but nothing wheel spacers cant fix.


    Bought 18′ STI Forged BBS wheels with Winter tires 😀

    Will be running them as is until winter is over and I will rebuild them and repaint them.


    Nice looking, but aren’t they in the new PCD (5/114)?


    Great thread and always nice with some history to it. d—0.o—b

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